Saying No


We are ordinarily judged by the work we do: what projects we’ve completed, deals we’ve closed or presentations made. These lists of accomplishments define our personal and professional endeavors.

Recently, I read an article about Peter Drucker and his measurement of management success. He used to ask all of his interview candidates the question “What have you stopped doing lately in order to free up resources and innovate?”

This resonates with me. Learning how to prioritize tasks is half of the battle, but the other half is learning how to say no. Even further, we can define ourselves by thinking about what we are saying no to. By starting a small company, re-starting my blog and undertaking other major projects, I find that I am saying no to some of the things that don’t add enough value to me or to society.

What are some of the things you’ve had to give up to create room to be innovative? Do you define yourself by what you’ve turned down?

Saying No

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