Whom to Follow


I ordinarily keep a Chinese wall up on here in posting about the platform on which I work, but lately I’ve been solicited for advice on whom to follow. My opinion is one of many, but since I am a frequent-user, I thought I would share my latest advice on some of my favorite accounts to follow on Twitter.

Everyone has his or her own follow philosophy. I am not a static follower but rather a rotator: I follow an account of a “trial run,” and if after 30 days or so (not scientific) I don’t find I derive much value, I usually unfollow or replace the follow. In addition, I find that certain accounts do it for me at certain stages of my business cycle/personal interests/macro interests and then stop being of use, and so I’m happy to unfollow and rotate the account. As a result, I’ve followed some interesting and far-ranging accounts, but I keep my feed clean and decluttered. Follower count right now? 420.

Disclaimer: I don’t personally know anyone on this list, so it’s just my genuine sentiments here and people I enjoy following (of late).

  1. Alyson Shontell (@ajs) – Alyson is a reporter for Business Insider, and I find she always has good insights on the tech markets in an actionable way. I learn a lot about cool, interesting products or the philosophies of important people in the tech space from her feed.
  2. Faces In Things (@facespics) – I’m not sure why I find this account so hilarious or entertaining, but it never disappoints. People submit images of things that looks like faces (but aren’t meant to).
  3. Rob Delaney (@robdelaney) – sharp and incredibly sardonic stand-up comedian who occasionally challenges Walmart and Lena Dunham. It’s basically a crime not to follow him.
  4. Marc Andreesen (@pmarca) – Marc is a prolific VC and has also become an incredibly active Tweeter since the start of 2014 (he’s racked up almost 24k Tweets in that time). He’s the father of the tweet rant and inventor of the “1/, 2/, 3/” syntax.
  5. Magic Pics (@magicpixx) – autoreplies to tweets of yours, at random, with a seemingly-related photo of your tweet. They often don’t match. Hilarity ensues.

Honorable mentions:

Saved you a click (@savedyouaclick)

Karl the fog (@karlthefog)

Who are some of your favorites? What’s your follow strategy? Tweet @ me.

Whom to Follow

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