Perception vs Reality


(Picture day @ HBS!)

A persistent theme has arisen over the past week: in our case protagonists, simulations, and our own interactions with one another. Now that we’ve been in this mode for 4 weeks, I’ve been starting to perceive some patterns that might not necessarily be a reflection of reality.

For starters, I’m perceiving that everyone has endless energy all the time. I’m amazed by how social and engaged people are, and how they always seem to be “on”. Furthermore, everyone makes it look effortless. It’s remarkable how there’s always something going on (parties, get togethers, study groups, etc), and there seem to be a critical mass of people doing it. In my mind, I’m sure everyone also has time for all of their extra-curricular obligations – friends, family, responding to emails, reading, etc.

In addition, I perceive that everyone seems to understand the rhythm of this place flawlessly. People seem to be in a routine and have found their groove: juggling relationships, making instant new best friends, handling the case load with ease. I feel like I’m in the process of getting the lay of the land – it still takes me time to figure out where I’m going on campus or navigating the cafeteria at lunchtime. I can’t seem to find time on my calendar to do all of the activities I want to participate in, or spend time with all of the people I’d like to see. Everyone appears to be dealing with the “FOMO” pretty effectively.

The reality, I’m sure, is that everyone feels this way about everyone else. It’s easy to make things look effortless when you’re confident, but we’re all still adjusting socially, academically and even professionally. As we add more to our plate – last week it was clubs and retreats, this week it’s career and professional development – it makes the juggling act a lot more stressful. I’m impressed watching my classmates do this balancing act.

Personally, I’m trying to get my work done, stay organized, and really get to know the great people in a more 1:1 fashion. Now that the clubs have begun, it’s time to decide which of the many we’ll want to be involved with, and how to balance that with coursework. I’m also learning by example, and I’m fairly certain that soon the perception will become the reality.

Other tidbits: we had some fun section visitors this week – including case protagonists, significant others and prospective students. I’d be very curious to know what their perceptions were of our dynamic, which seems to be coming together quickly!

Theme of the weekend: beach, quiz review.

IMG_1778 IMG_1784

Perception vs Reality

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