Small Updates

I haven’t had much time for personal endeavors since I started school. With 6 blank hours today (a delicacy), I set out to cover much of what I’ve neglected for the last month and a half. One of those things was a long overdue revamp of this blog. I’ve made a few key changes:

First, the name. The old name was always intended to be temporary but I spent almost 3 years with something that never felt comfortable. Today I’m changing it to FrontSeat – a reflection of what this blog really is. I’m giving firsthand accounts and advice. The name plays nicely with some other things I have on my mind, but feedback is always welcome (especially if you hate it).

Second, the layout. I wish WordPress made things slightly more simplified, but this was the most bare-bones I could get. Content is key here, aesthetics secondary. Hopefully this makes it easier to consume.

Small Updates

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